Absence Note

ATTENDANCE: Please communicate with us whenever your child is absent, you may call the front office at (805) 474-3740, message us via parent square or input the absence in the form below. It is VERY important that you contact us when your student is absent. If you do not contact us your student will be marked with an unexcused absence. Attendance letters are automatically generated after 3, 5, and 7 unexcused absences.  What is an unexcused absence? Glad you asked! An unexcused absence is when your student is absent for a day or gone for more than 30 mins of the school day without one of the following.

*A doctor's note.

*A parent calling in their absence for one of the following reasons:

 -Student Illness (see below)

 -Attending a funeral 

*Documentation that the student was at court.


Every student has 10 illness days that they can use to excuse an absence without a doctor's note.  However once those days are all used every illness absence after that will require a doctor's note to be excused. So please always get notes when you can. 

Attendance codes you will see in homelink:

A= Absence (all day)

N = Notified -if you see the code stating "Notified" - that means an attempt was made to find out why the student was absent but we never heard from the parent as to the reason for the absence. 

T = Tardy - Less than 30 mins late.  

S/F= These codes stating "30+ Minutes" means that the student arrived more than 30 minutes late to school or left more than 30 minutes early from school for an unexcused reason respectively.  Missing 30 minutes is counted as a school absence. 




It is important that your child come to school each day. If an absence is necessary, please let us know the reason either by phone or by filling out the attendance form included here.

If a student is going to be UNAVOIDABLY absent for more than three (3) consecutive school days for any reason, the parent(s) can request a Short-Term Independent Study Contract (STISC) to insure that the student will not miss any work or be penalized for the absence. Requests for STISCs must be made at least ten school days prior to the starting date (first day of absence).
Si un estudiante va a estar ausente INEVITABLEMENTE durante más de tres (3) días escolares consecutivos por algún motivo, los padres pueden solicitar un Contrato de Estudio Independiente a Corto Plazo (conocido por las siglas en inglés STISC) para asegurar que el estudiante no se pierda de ningún trabajo escolar o sea sancionado por las ausencias. Las solicitudes de STISC deben hacerse al menos diez días escolares antes de la fecha de inicio (del primer día de ausencia).