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Mission & Vision

Fairgrove Elementary School


To engage, challenge, and inspire through the power of learning, ensuring our students continue to build the skills and deepen their knowledge required to become agents of change in their communities.


Every Fairgrove Student Has a Path to Success

Power of Learning

  • Academic Achievement
    • Fairgrove Falcons learn and make growth toward grade-level standards in reading, writing, and mathematics, while developing and applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Goal Oriented
    • Fairgrove Falcons work together to establish specific goals, map out a growth plan, and reflect on their goals within a realistic time frame. 

  • Independent Learners
    • Fairgrove Falcons are independent learners who embody a growth mindset, initiate their own learning by taking ownership of their goals, and persevere through adversity. 

Agents of Change

  • Emotionally Intelligent
    • Fairgrove Falcons develop and utilize tools to identify, understand, and manage their own emotions while showing empathy towards others in our communities.

  • Role Models
    • Fairgrove Falcons lead by example and serve as positive role models who demonstrate and embody respect, integrity, cooperation, and empathy in school and in our communities. 

  • Community Connections
    • Fairgrove Falcons connect to their school and home communities through the power of learning and participation in school and community events.